For more than 25 years Trigona company challenges the Baltic market trying to offer new solutions for our customers in telematics field. Starting with simple tracking systems in 1998 we have begun a long journey. Research of needs and development now resulted in millions of data scanning daily for transport industry.

Trigona Telematics products are designed for all types of modern vehicles. Simple and clever solution from independent telematics service provider can boost your entire fleet to the new level of efficiency only in few weeks. The most important there is no need to hire additional staff. Our team will provide everything you need to optimise internal business processes.

With Trigona you need only one solution to any type of fleet. Request an appointment with one of our managers to find out more.

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Independent telematics
service provider

For 10 years Trigona company offers to our clients independent telematics solution. No matter what fleet you have, with Trigona your receive unified solution for the entire fleet that is independent of vehicle manufacturers.


With Trigona outsourcing solution you can get access to our knowledge as well as experienced and trained staff. Get the best-in-class analytics service to improve your decision-making processes.

Fuel management

Real-time fuel management system for your drivers right before their eyes  that update information while they drive. Extremely informative assistant and at the same time not distracting from the driving process.


Special notification system available to inform drivers about their progress in adapting to the real world situation on the road. If necessary, theoretical driving courses are available to improve efficiency of the drivers. 

Efficiency audit

With Trigona audit service our specialists could investigate potential ways where you can save funds by evaluating ways how your company operate fleet and what kind of fleet is best suited for your business model.


All vehicles in your company could be equipped with the special Event Data Recorder system - BlackBox. Like the black box in the plane, but better! All data in case of an accident will be transmitted to the server immediately for further investigation.


While you are using Trigona fuel saving solutions, you are reducing carbon footprint of your company with every litre of fuel saved. Now you can monitor CO2 emissions of your entire fleet online and help make our planet greener!

Wear & tear control

By improving driving style of your personnel you can get hidden benefit. Proper and gentle vehicle operation will save you on operating costs and increase service life of an engine, transmission, brakes, tyres, etc.

Clients in Latvia

Public transport

Trigona developed special solution for companies which offer public transportation service. If your company has more than 35 buses you may contact us to get special offer. Offer includes fuel saving software, drivers management and notification response system. Potential fuel savings up to 15%.

EV vehicles

Order special telematics management software for your EV fleet can provide significant bonuses for your business. By optimising driving style you can increase range of the vehicle, reduce wear & tear of the battery and save resources of your charging infrastructure. Potential range increase up to 20%.

Special programs

Insurance companies

Telematics data management system will bring you one step closer to the UBI (Usage Based Insurance). With the Trigona UBI solution you can know your client better and make custom insurance solutions. Request an appointment to discuss possibilities for your business.

Trigona BNPL

With the analytics and fuel management solutions you could save sufficient funds on fuel. Thanks to split payments you can use this funds to make the integration of a telematics system easier for your business. Contact us for custom Buy Now Pay Later options for your company.

Telematics pilot projects
and system test

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Trigona history


Trigona founded. Established first GPS monitoring provider in Latvia.


B2B software development for forest sector which connects 200+ companies in the industry. Entering telematics market.


Developing of the FindLoc SaaS monitoring platform based on CarPC solution.


Partnership with Squarell Technology for enhanced vehicle data collection.


Partnership with Rietveld to provide online solutions & boost fuel efficiency.


First scientific publication based on Trigona R&D program describing efficiency of the telematics.


Creation of algorithm to assess the efficiency of drivers and reduce fuel consumption.


Trigona became a full cycle telematics service provider in the Baltic States.

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